Current Doctor Who is like an ex-boyfriend I used to have a great time with and am still kind of into but lately he keeps being an asshole so it’s awkward every time I see him

Gregory Peck between scenes of To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)


Coldplay | Ghost Stories
Photo by Anton Corbijn [x]

type these words into your music library and name the first song that appears

Love: Stubborn Love / The Lumineers
Hate: Hate This & I’ll Love You / Muse
Light: The Light / Sarah Bareilles
Dark: Whispers in the Dark/ Mumford & Sons
Good: Beautiful Goodbye / Maroon 5
Bad: Bad Blood / Bastille
Smile: Money Make Her Smile / Bruno Mars
Cry: We Cry / The Script
Girl: Next Girl / The Black Keys
Boy: The Boy’s Gone / Jason Mraz



really though

if breasts, butts and legs are so distracting to men, to the point they cant function

why arent they that distracting to lesbians

and at that point

why isnt the penis bulge and legs not distracting enough to gay men to warrant men being put under the same dress codes